A self-taught glamor make-up artist, beauty blogger, model and budding actress.  Lillee Jean is 16 years old and is poised to take the world by storm!  She hails from New York and is represented by her mother, Laur Trueman and Oscar Benjamin who collectively have formed Ingenious Ingenue Management Group.

At the tender age of three years old, Lillee Jean was already using a laptop and researching items on the internet.  By the time she turned seven years old, she revealed to the world, as well as her parents, how much she had learned in just a short time, all on her own!

It should be noted that her penchant for artistry in different formats comes from both sides of her parent’s families (on her mother’s side her grandfather and great grandfather were well-known oil artists with influences in Asian and Maritime themes). Visit LilleeJean.com for more details.